So you think you know ice cream? Is your knowledge limited to chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? Well, we have a treat for you!

    Ice cream is an art…just like wine and chocolate! Each flavor has its nuance, its lightness, its depth…its nose and its legs! Join David Leichman, and share in a tasting of his artisan ice cream, known throughout Israel as “Leich Cream"

David's story

David Leichman has always loved ice cream. “I think it’s in my blood,” he says. David always loved eating ice cream, and when he was eight years old, he had had the best birthday party ever: A surprise party at Jahn’s ice cream parlour - a real old fashioned ice-cream parlour where everyone made banana splits. But ice cream wasn’t just for special occasions: As a kid, David had a paper route, and after he and his best friend delivered their papers, they would meet for ice-cream. That’s how they would spend their earnings. Not on comic books. Not on baseball cards. But on ice cream.  

In junior high school, his mother would give him money to get sandwiches, and he always bought three sandwiches — ice cream sandwiches. 

“That was my lunch,” David says. “I was always a crazy ice cream person.” 

"Even at my Bar Mitzvah, I was dressed up as an ice cream man, and we had ice cream cones that never melted. I don’t want to know what ingredients were in that ice cream, and today, when I make my ice cream, it’s the opposite. All fresh, all natural.”   

Meet the Team

TeamLeichCream is really a family!

Everyone involved as well as friends and supporters all contribute to the "Ice Cream Revolution" in their own way.

Marilyn Miri Gold

Miri Gold is originally from Detroit, MI and has lived in Israel for over 40 years. She is a Reform Rabbi and the founder of Kehilat Birkat Shalom synagogue. 
When David uses egg yolks in his ice cream Miri uses the egg whites to make delicious cookies and cakes, often served at Leich Cream tasting workshops. 

Miri and David share three children, three grandchildren, a ketubah, and a house on Kibbutz Gezer. . 

Anna Langer

Anna is the website creator and moved to Israel in 2014 from Moscow and plays a central role in managing Leich Cream projects. 

In addition to eating Atlantic Sea Salt Caramel and mint Leich Cream, Anna's passions include teaching Zumba and Salsa, and photography

Dave Israel

Dave lives in Jaffa and loves Leich Cream's flavor called Oakland 1905 because it reminds him of his childhood back in Newburgh, NY. Dave spends his days and nights in informal education programs and youth development and is the Head Coach for "Baseball For All" in Ramla.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Sarah is a journalist, writer, speaker, social media guru, professional iphone landscape photographer, mother and friend. Responsible for content and event coverage, Sarah first fell in love with Leich Cream... You can check out her blog here at as well as and follow her on facebook and twitter...

Linda Elkind Gans

Linda and David have been friends for nearly 50 years. She has been living in Israel for over 40 years and when she's not sailing around the world, plays a very important role helping in every way with Leich Cream tasting workshops.

Alon Leichman

Alon is David's protege and son and is in professional baseball with the Seattle Mariners. He makes Leich Cream West. Today Alon is David's teacher. He often critiques David's ice cream and helps him improve the product with new ideas.

Many friends have helped in "the revolution" and deserve recognition, including Varda Spiegel, Lisa Lester and David's children, Arishai and Eliora.
We are also grateful to the many people who over the years have

been eating Leich Cream and helped to develop the current menu. Special thanks!

David’s ice cream melts. It’s natural. It’s made without preservatives. He’s committed to using the freshest, purest ingredients — when possible, he uses ingredients that are locally grown in Israel.

And sweet, melty ice cream is part of the whole sensual experience of eating ice cream.  

It’s cold, and it’s sweet, and it feels just right in your mouth.  

David has been making ice cream for over 40 years — from New York, through Northern California, to a new kibbutz that he helped create next to an ancient archaeological site built by King Solomon — and he wants ice cream to be a sensual experience  of intentional tasting.    

“Feel the cold.  What does it do to your mouth? What do you taste? Where do you feel it?” he’ll ask. 

Part of what makes David so special is he loves people - people from all backgrounds and walks of life, his friends cross religious boundaries, and span the generations. Language, culture, age, religion, doesn’t matter as long as you’re a good person - and you like ice cream. And David loves bringing people together to taste his ice cream.  

“Eating ice cream is fun,” he says. “You giggle. You smile. You’re happy.” 

And it’s true - you ARE happy when eating David’s ice cream because it tastes good. David takes his ingredients seriously.  And his love of the land and the cycle of the seasons, along with his background in culinary school informs the choices he makes when he makes his ice cream.   

So, you might taste Madagasgar vanilla. Or coffee imported from Kenya. Or Valrhona chocolate. Or mint grown from his very own garden. Or orange from his orchards. Or mangoes he buys fresh from the shuk in Ramle. Or Tahini from his best friend’s restaurant.  

But David is an artist, not a scientist — so each batch of the same flavor is always a little bit different. But the quality never changes.  

David is also a visionary, and he wants to create the ice cream revolution here in Israel.  

Because really, ice cream shouldn’t only be about eating something sweet and cold — it should be an experience of quality and the complexity of ice cream that is balanced with texture, temperature, sugar and the nuance of flavors. In Leich Cream workshops you will eat the best ice cream in the world, and experience mindful tasting.    

"It isn’t just chocolate ice cream,” David says. “It’s a quality chocolate ice cream with depth, complexities and intention.”  

And intentional ice cream tasting is part of experiencing ice cream to its fullest: 

Wine tastings changed the way we experienced wine. Same with cheese, and bread, and now, even coffee.  David wants to do the same with ice cream - where it isn’t something you eat because it’s there and you’re in the mood for a dessert — you eat it because you want that transcendent moment that takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, where you experience a richness in flavor and texture, and share it with others. This is not ice cream to eat while you watch Seinfeld reruns —this is ice cream to eat for a full, mindful experience either alone, or with people you really like.  


"The secret of my ice cream is that there are no secrets.

I use the freshest highest quality ingredients and no chemicals for the best possible outcome."

                                                                                                                                         David Leichman


- Valrhona Chocolate 
- Freshly ground Tres Marias Huehuetengo Guatemalan coffee beans 
- Jaffa oranges 
- Madagascar Vanilla 
- Cointreau
- Kahlua 
- Harvey's Bristol Cream
- Mozart's Dark Chocolate Liqueur
- Sea salt
- Tahini from Samir's!