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A combination of Valrhona cocoa and Coeur De Guanaja chocolate, blended with 64% Manjari chocolate with a tangy red fruit finish, a bit of Mozart dark chocolate liqueur and vanilla.

Peppermint Chocolate Zest

Using home grown peppermint from our garden we extract the flavor into milk and cream and then adding some vanilla and some Woodford Reserve bourbon.



This is made with a very high quality Madsgascar Bourbon Vanilla, a touch of brown sugar and Sherry.

Kenya Arabica Coffee

Starting with whole Kenya AA+ Arabica beans extracted in milk and cream and then a bit of Vanilla and Kahlua to round out the flavor.

Amarena Cherry Cheesecake

Fabbri's special wild black cherries from Bolognia with a bit of Luxardo Maraschino Cherry liqueur and vanilla mixed with our homemade cream cheese base.

Oakland 1905

This flavor is inspired by a childhood memory I have from a sorbet and ice cream on a stick called Creamsicle, which was first made in Oakland, California in 1905. It is made with oranges, orange zest, Cointreau, Angustura orange bitters, and micro chips of Valrhona chocolate infused with oranges.

and more...

This very special flavor named after our very dear friend, Samir, is made from 100% whole Ethiopian Tehina. Samir made Tehina every day for more than 60 years in his restaurant in Ramle, Israel.

Both the cream and the blueberries are important flavor components for this ice cream. It has been said that fat is flavor and the combination of the cream with quality blueberries creates this superb culinary delight.

Santa Rosa plums are grown in Northern California and has a beautiful sweet reddish pulp and a tart dark skin. When blended together with Blood Orange Cointreau liqueur and fresh cream it makes a remarkable gentile flavor.

Santa Rosa 



and Cream

Samir Tehini

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